Get yourself a good suitcase and by good, I mean gadget-good.

So let’s dig in to 10 business travel hacks you need to know.

Firstly, you can get suitcases with charging ports, built-in scales, and GPS, all of which will make your life immeasurably easier when travelling.

Packing cubes are not some kind of portable ice-cube tray, they are soft-sided containers that help keep your suitcase organised.

They make it easier for contents to be inspected so you can avoid the potential embarrassment of your underwear spilling out all over the place!


Travel light with just a carry-on

Research your destination.

Pack matching colours: think ‘versatility’.

Look at the items laid out before you when packing and ask yourself, what other uses they could have. Better still, download Packpoint. This free app means you need never be caught out again with no jackets but you did pack two jumpers. It will build a packing list for you based on length of travel, weather and any activities planned during your trip. Just enter destination, number of nights and departure dates and it will do the rest.

Let’s move further into the useful terrain of 10 business travel hacks you need to know!


Think space savers!

Once on board, why not use a lightweight bag designed to hook around an aeroplane tray table? This will make space for your devices, or magazine. Just another useful one of the 10 business travel hacks you need to know!


Need a good page turner or should I say page swiper?

A good e-reader like Amazon Kindle Paperwhite will allow you to store all those self-development books you’ve been meaning to read, there’s no excuse now not to be a business warrior ninja by the time you get back home from your business trip!


Always on the move?

While your car may have remained in one spot, it’s not a good feeling to forget where you’ve left it.

Take a picture of where you’ve parked your car before you arrive at the airport, this is especially useful at foreign airports where it’s easy to get disorientated.

Another truly useful one is to keep on top of things!

A fuel cost calculator estimates the fuel consumption and fuel cost of a trip so you can work out whether it’s cheaper to travel by car, train or plane.


Worried about drinking the local water?

Pack some travel purification tablets. You may not even use them but it’s a case of better safe than being sorry. No need to miss a meeting because you are holed up in your hotel room because you’ve drunk the local water.


Keep your juices flowing!

Don’t let your phone dry up while travelling. Portable chargers are useful while wireless routers can take the headache out of hotel room internet.

Of course, opting for the best serviced accommodation can ensure you avoid all this sort of hassle.

Forgotten your phone charging wall plug? Don’t worry, use the in-room TV’s USB slot to charge your phone instead!


Say “YES” to meetings!

Gain confidence knowing that wherever you are you can communicate.

With the Speak and Translate – Live Voice and Text Translator app, this is now possible.


Ever get that feeling that you don’t know what day it is?

Circa will help you find best times to connect and create meeting invites, great for global collaboration.


No more counting sheep!

Once you’ve arrived safely at your hotel, why not try an app to help you get to sleep; these days you can choose from sea waves, thunderstorms or even a purring cat. Better still, if you want to be guaranteed a great night’s sleep with all the latest technology has to offer at your disposal, make sure you book the best accommodation at a great price, such as Number 10 The Abbey.

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