Looking through Valentine’s day gifts for him when what you really want is a hug?

It’s just the weather for a nice walk but it is a bit brrrr! When it comes to Valentine’s day gifts for him you may feel a bit stumped so here are some ideas that are sure to hit home. Everyone loves a snuggle bunny so why not knit him a simple hat or scarf? He’ll appreciate the effort and you may just get an extra tight hug for your thoughtfulness on Valentine’s day.


Need a kiss? These Valentine’s day gifts for him are sure to deliver!

Valentine’s Day is once a year, but memories are forever. Even guys like to be made to feel special, so get together a few of your favourite Instagram snaps and compile them into a simple video. It’s the perfect choice when looking through ideas around Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Then pop it in his inbox to open in the morning. That’ll set the right tone for your romantic meet-up in the evening! Tell him how lucky you feel that you get to spend every Valentine’s Day with him!


Going for the big time? How to steal his heart completely!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we are sure that a nice batch of home-made fudge brownies will hit the mark. It’ll sure let him know that you are sweet on him. Now and forever.


How to come up smelling like roses with a selection of Valentine’s day gifts for him

A lovely cedarwood gift box with shaving gear is a safe bet for Valentine’s day and even a modern beardsman will appreciate some oils and wax to give him the best facial hair of his life. He’ll smell sweet and you’ll get the biggest bunch of sweet-smelling red roses in return!


Life’s how you play it

Got a gamer in your life? Valentine’s day gifts for him abound aplenty in the gaming world. Go retro and get him a handheld version of Pac-Man. Or a subscription to Video Games Monthly, he’ll get his fix in and you’ll get the points for a perfect score this Valentine’s day.