Thinking of getting away? Here are our Top Tips for packing lightly for your trip, like a pro

Whether you travel a lot or a little, there’s no need to make a meal of it or, in this case, an over-stuffed suitcase. Going away for a weekend in the country may have been planned; a surprise birthday trip arranged by the hubby or boyfriend at the last minute may be sprung on you. Or, if you are a super-organised executive, with a busy job, then the last thing on your mind should be how and what to pack for a holiday trip or business travel trip and then waste a whole day fretting over what to start packing. This is not as big a deal as your high-flying career. With our help, we can show you how to “load and go” without getting into stress city about it.

There’s not a lot you need! It may sound crazy but packing lightly for your trip without busting the zip, is possible! It also has great benefits all around, no more aching arms, grumbles from the boyfriend (‘exactly how many pairs of shoes do you need for a weekend away?’) and a relaxing start to the holiday.


First, are you a holdall loving type or a wheelie-suitcase dude?

If you want an upgrade on your flight, then always go for a chic understated style. Either type of case is expensive, but they do last and are a classic, plus more likely to get the bell-hop dancing to your every tune once you arrive. Okay, so I’ve said I’ll explain the Top Tips to pack lightly for your trip, but (there’s always a but, particularly when it comes to the amount of women’s outfits) always choose a bigger size than you think you’ll need.


Pack for the dash

Want to pack, so you can dash out the door? Then lay out your case open on the spare bed, one week before you are due to go away, if you can. All ready to be filled. Chuck stuff in it as you go past – no, seriously, add holiday clothes and accessories in as and when you remember them. Put shoes in first in pairs on the sides, fill gaps with rolled up belts and knickers (lingerie if you are posh) and jewellery. Then lay clothes flat.

If using a holdall, follow the same principles, but roll the clothes. Layers are great so knitwear is good, or non-crease clothes where possible and where daywear can be used in the evening with the addition of a cashmere shawl, hair up and some sparkly earrings. Shirts are great as if the weather picks up, they can be worn over jeans and look casual yet smart. Pack away dirty laundry and put a lavender bag in your case to keep it smelling fresh.

To score at Top Tips for packing lightly for your trip, you’ve got to make everything work hard and do two jobs. Keep the colour pallet plain and simple, no more than three colour shades. Pyjama style pants are a must, as is a cashmere scarf which keeps out the draughts and can double up as a pillow for travelling. Packing lightly must always include sunglasses. Always, dahling. And a pair of trainers. Yes, trainers, great with jeans or a body-con dress in the day.And Top Tips for packing lightly for your trip for guys works equally well too, with appropriate changes in clothes and footwear. Obviously, darling.


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