Top 5 Norfolk Water Parks

When the going gets hot, it’s time to seek out some water and spend an afternoon cooling down with friends and family. Here are the top 5 Norfolk Water Parks.


Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dippy the lovable purple and yellow dinosaur now has his very own splash zone at the family favourite adventure park. Decorated in his distinctive colours with slides, tip buckets, showers and fountains you will find it hard to sit on the side-lines and not join in with this top 5 Norfolk water park. Don’t forget your swimming costume!


Earlham Park

Not a traditional top 5 Norfolk water park in the sense of buckets and jet cannons but when the sun is beating down an afternoon with your feet in the river is just what the doctor ordered! It really is a secret gem, enjoy a picnic and bring the dog and while away in beautiful lush surroundings.


Whitlingham Adventure Park

If you are looking for a bit more adventure and thrill than this next top 5 Norfolk water park is for you. It is famed for it’s water sports for all abilities and ages. Try your hand at canoeing, kayaking or even water surfing.


Waterloo Park

Situated in the Norwich’s Waterloo Park, it lives up to it’s name sake by being one of the unsung heroes in keeping everyone cool, and is why it is in our top 5 Norfolk water parks. With buttons and sensors setting of fountains, water shoots and even a water cage everyone will want to come back for more. Don’t forget to grab an ice cream from the famous Britannia Café on your way home too!


Marina Leisure Centre – Great Yarmouth

You may wonder why we have included an indoor pool on our top 5 Norfolk water parks but with it’s wave machines, water slides and games of underwater hockey you can see why we did! It is not your typical swimming pool that’s for sure!


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