Our Top 5 free activities to do in Wymondham, Norfolk includes, of course, a tour around the spectacular, 12th century Wymondham Abbey. But before we get onto that, let’s see what the town itself has to offer. Wymondham, situated on the River Tiffey, just to the South of Norwich on the B1172, is famous for the Kett’s Rebellion of 1549. Commoners rose up to protest at wealthy landowners enclosing arable land which they wanted for sheep grazing as the demand for wool grew.

Today, a walk around Wymondham reveals several landmarks commemorating the rebellion. Notably, including Kett’s Park, and remembered in the names of schools, streets, pubs including the Robert Kett Junior School in Wymondham, the Robert Kett pub and a beer, Kett’s Rebellion, by Woodforde’s Brewery in Norwich.


Really, we could have a Top Ten instead of a top 5 free activities to do in Wymondham

Wymondham is a historic market town. The place where the rebellion by Robert Kett began is marked by a tree that still stands near the Market Cross today. Situated in the main town, the very attractive Market Cross is a raised hexagonal shaped building which dates from after a fire in 1615, started by some gypsies who fell out with the local people. This is the obvious starting point for your tour as it is now the tourist office. It was built as the Office of the Clerk who decided when and where people traded. The better off traders were able to secure their spot under the cross, whereas the others would have been stood around the area, but not under cover. From here you can continue to delve into Wymondham’s rich cultural local history by taking time to visit the Heritage Museum where you can also get a cup of tea and some nice homemade cake.

Walking past the 17th Century buildings, now shop fronts, you will come across Beckett’s chapel, formerly used as a church for Guilds. After the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII, the building had a variety of uses from Court House, school and even a fire station in the 19th century, and library. Next door the discerning visitor can stop for a well-earned pint at the 15th Century Green Dragon Inn which, fortunately, was beyond the reach of the fire.


We recommend a stopover at No. 10 The Abbey while in Wymondham

The jewel in the crown has to be the 12th Century Wymondham Abbey, now a venue for weddings and other celebrations of life, it can be seen from the prestigious No. 10 The Abbey, which offers sumptuous self-service accommodation should you want to stop over in Wymondham. The Abbey survived Henry VIII’s purge as the population was allowed to rebuy it at market valuation. The West Tower rises majestically against the sky, standing proud. Kett’s brother was hanged here. The River Tiffey flows nearby with the river path passing through a swathe of open green recreational space at Becketswell, which is itself opposite Wymondham Abbey on the other side of the river.

Other areas of the town worth exploring include Vicar Street, the War Memorial and Town Green, all in all a great day out with plenty to do in Wymondham. There are certainly far more than our Top 5 activities that are free of charge to explore in Wymondham.