Our ‘Top 10 Hotel Must Haves’ has been compiled because what we don’t know about hotels, inside and out, isn’t worth knowing

And, well, because we have a lot of experience of staying in hotels and a finely-tuned sense of what works in terms of functionality and style.

No. 1 on our top 10 Hotel Must Haves is a comfortable bed. People travel far, they are tired, some have to move on the next day, they are in a hurry. A comfortable night’s sleep will mean that people will forgive a lot of other perceived short-comings.


A long day travelling, good dinner, hot shower and bed

No. 2 on our Top Ten Hotel Must Haves is clean sheets and good quality, comfortable, duck feather or goose down duvets and pillows. It simply must be crisp, white and fresh. Nothing else is acceptable in this day and age.

No 3 on our charts for Hotel Must Haves (Top Ten) is a concierge service and efficient reception. All your needs should be anticipated and catered for. The hotel industry is simply so competitive that you can demand and get the best (in line with the rate you are prepared to pay).

No. 4 on our list of Hotel Must Haves “The Top Ten” is a nice area to sit and have a drink in the bar. It’s so important to be able to unwind in a relaxed, comfortable environment and be able to gather your thoughts or hold a short meeting.


No. 5 on our list of the Top 10 hotel ‘must haves’ is a good restaurant but with the option to have a slimmed down version available through the Bar

Many people don’t have time or are too tired to sit for long at a dining table in the evening, hotels that prove popular are ones that cater for modern demands and can be flexible.

No. 6 on our list is of course the in-room entertainment, gizmos and gadgets. Free wi-fi, TV, reading light, desk, bedside lights and remote control with dimmer switches and key-coded entry, have come, pretty much, to be thought of standard today.


No. 7 is not a thing on our list of Top Ten Hotel Must Haves, but a mood, an ambience

You know, when the staff are just great, the whole place feels good from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.

No. 8 although not necessarily lower in importance, of course, is good hot water and a range of free toiletries and nice, big, soft fluffy towels – everything you would like to find in a good quality bathroom.

No. 9 on our list of Must Haves to be found in a Hotel of note would be tea and coffee making facilities in the room and some bottled water with glasses.


Lastly, on our list of Hotel Must Haves would be a mini bar for that extra bit of special luxury

Usually located next to the valuables safe, it’s always good to have the option of kicking-back and serving yourself, if you don’t feel like going out or if you want to treat yourself to a drink before dinner or a nightcap.