As we’ve discussed before, there are many gorgeous country parks in Norwich, but here at the Abbey we think that Holt Country Park really takes the cake. A stunning walk with plenty to do, here’s our guide on how to have a great day out at Holt Country Park.


Get Active

One of the main draws of Holt Country Park are the opportunities to walk and cycle throughout. There are many routes, both long and short, and connections to longer countryside trails too. There’s also a mile long cycle trail.


Explore Nature

Some wild Dartmoor ponies have been relocated into Holt in order to graze on the heathland – and you might be lucky enough to spot them on your trails. If you love searching for nature, you could also find snowdrops, dragonflies, deer and woodpeckers.


Kids’ activities

There’s plenty for kids to do at Holt Country Park, with hidden items and trails all around. You could follow the arts trails, or run into the wooden play park. There’s also the arch, totem pole and fire tower sculptures. There’s also plenty of space to indulge in a picnic, or take them for a treat in Hetty’s tea room.


Bring the Dogs

Norfolk is a dog loving county, and Holt country park is no different. Dogs are welcome here, but will need to be controlled so as not to disturb the wildlife. Once you’ve got them on their leads, they’ll find plenty of things to sniff out in the woods!