Halloween is on its way, with scares no doubt aplenty. This annual event has much to offer, whether it be the fun that can be had with dressing up or the amusement found in creepy tricks, there will certainly be something for everyone. 



The biggest object associated with Halloween, without a doubt, has to be the pumpkin. A task that has become synonymous with October is pumpkin carving.

Emptying out the guts, making different faces and then sticking a candle on the inside. Certainly a task to occupy an evening or two, making for easy enjoyment.


Trick or Treat

Start the evening of Halloween with a classic. For countless years children and teens have dressed up in their most horror filled/ comical outfits and gone door to door seeking treats from their willing neighbours.

Well, this year should be no different, hopefully with many families still upholding the tradition. Just make sure the accompanying adults get in on some of the action, otherwise they’ll be sneaking the treats after everyone’s gone to bed!


Halloween Party

If you see yourself as past the age of hunting for those snacks, there’s several other means of having a great time on the night of Halloween. One of which happens to be going out to a party in fancy dress.

Seemingly more geared towards those in their twenties, who doesn’t love to throw on a costume, meet up with friends, then get together for a fun filled evening, whatever that may entail.


Face Paint

If your younger ones prefer a quieter night away from the scares outside, there’s still plenty to get up to! 

Invite their friends, grab some face paint and spend the night creating the funniest, potentially most horrifying faces imaginable. Maybe even host a competition for scariest face.

With limitless possibilities of what to get up to, one thing we can promise is that your night won’t be a boring one!

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