‘Tis The Season Once Again

With Winter fast approaching, it’ll soon be time to grab those coats, turn up the heating and wait for the presents to start converging upon the Christmas tree.

Whether you prefer to celebrate surrounded by loved ones, or venture out into the (possible) snow as an individual, why miss the opportunity to celebrate the festive period at Number 10?



If room was ever a concern, there’s no need to fret. With a spacious living area and wonderfully comfortable beds, we’ve got you sorted.

On top of that, there’s a multitude of apartments, leaving plenty of options available as to where you might stay.

Don’t wait too long though! With not long to go until Christmas, there’ll be plenty of families looking to book in! 



As the Christmas theme begins to spread, shops and businesses will largely absorb the Christmas spirit and celebrate in their own way. With Number 10’s location, you’ll find yourself in a prime spot.

Whether you wish to wander around Wymondham Abbey, marvel at the market town’s Christmas light display, or even take transportation towards Norwich, you’ll find it all readily available. 



We want you to enjoy a very happy Christmas, so we’re hoping you take advantage of the numerous deals that are available.

A particular favourite is the Early Bird Booking, which is given after booking a month in advance, when doing so over the phone or through the Number 10 website. With this you can get a wonderful discount of 10%.

Right up until the 31st of December, the Weekend Getaway deal is ready for anyone wanting to take a break from reality. What better time to do so than throughout December, with happiness found all around.


From all of us here at No. 10, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the coming celebrations, as we preemptively wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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