Norwich Cathedral looks stunning enough on its own. But did you know that it offers much more than just the main attraction itself?


Guided Tours

If you want to go through the grounds in more detail, why not take a guided tour around the Cathedral? The well trained volunteer guides will help you unveil the history inside this great building – describing everything from the Cathedral’s star turn in the Harry Potter movies, to the first days of building the Cathedral in 1096. The tours last around 50 minutes at a time and depart once every hour from 10-3 on weekdays, and at 12.15 and 1.15 on Sundays till October.


Exhibitions and Events

There are also regular exhibits and events. Currently on is the 103rd annual Norwich & district photographic society exhibition, featuring photography from artists around the area, including competition winners. Coming up in October is the annual ‘Paint out’ event, where Norfolk artists celebrate their craft by creating live art in locations around the city.


Take a Tour Around the Labyrinth

Take a slice of relaxation and retreat in the middle of a busy day. The Jubilee labyrinth, created in honour of the queen’s jubilee in 2002, is a meditative pathway in the centre of the cloisters. Surrounded by grass, this is a peaceful area for spiritual reflection.


Visit the Peregrines

Every summer since 2009, the Cathedral’s famous Peregrine falcons have returned to breed gorgeous chicks. The Hawk and Owl Trust volunteers have a dedicated platform to view these famous faces every April-June, but you can also keep updated on the peregrine’s live webcam yourself.


Walk Along Cathedral Quarter

Cathedral quarter is packed full of independent shops, businesses and restaurants, from Elm Hill to St Andrews down to Fye Bridge. Why not have some delicious coffee and cake at Carberry’s, home of the beloved Toby the Golden Retriever, or stop at the famous Bear shop at Elm Hill?