Also known as Norwich’s Provisional Market and dating back to Norman Times, the market has been a familiar landmark in the city centre for centuries.

It is now known for its rich and diverse street food scene, but what else do you need to know?

Here is a practical guide to Norwich Market.



First up on a practical guide to Norwich Market is to get a glimpse into its rich history.

This 200 stalled market was founded back in the 11th Century to supply Norman merchants. It has been on the site it is now and operational for over 900 years.

Back in the 14th Century it was one of the busiest trading locations in the UK, with Norwich being one of the largest cities.



Ever since the Normans moved the site of the market from Tombland to Gentleman’s Walk opposite the Royal Arcade it has been the location of this popular attraction, and next on our practical guide to Norwich Market.

There are a number of candy striped stalls which are located in the heart of the city centre, with the nearby Castle Mall, Forum and Cathedral within walking distance.

There are also now 9 new pop up stalls that feature on the market and it is open Mon- Sat.



We, of course, have to mention the variety of amazing stalls available on our practical guide to Norwich Market. From food, phone accessories, mens, womens and kids clothing, luggage, jewellery and watch repair, DVD’s, flowers, toys to pet accessories, you really will find everything you need, and some things you didn’t even know you needed at Norwich Market.



Norwich Market is known currently for its familiar colourful appearance. Check out any food blog in Norwich, you will be sure to find a mention of Norwich Market.

From traditional fish and chips, hog roast, a vegan diner, churros and chorizo and even a mushy pea stall amongst many more, you could easily spend a whole afternoon wandering your way around Norwich Market. You won’t regret it with it being some of the best street food in the city!

History, shopping and food, what more do you need than a fresh hot coffee in hand and a meander round the irreplaceable Norwich Market for the afternoon?


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